In Summer 1998 I decided that I would quit my job at Motorola, relocate to Europe, and start working as a consultant for IBM in Zurich.
There is never a better opportunity to go on a long trip than when you change jobs. So, I arranged my for my old job to end in September while the new one wouldn't start before April the following year. That gave me six months for one of the most exciting trips I've ever been on:

Cruising Central America

map0.jpg (27042 bytes)from sunny Mexican Coasts, the Canal, the stormy Caribbean,
a Reef, a Rescue by the US Coast Guards, and a save Return

Sailing Adventures from November 1998 to January 1999
(written on board of 'Solitaire' in Puerto Cortes, January 24th 1999)

Three months of living and working on sailing ships are almost over. I am currently sitting in the dry cabin of 'Solitaire' in the dock standing at shore on poles while a stormy 'Norther' wipes through. Our wind speed meter indicates 25 knots (30 mph or 45 km/h), it's rainy and not a day for outside work. Looking at the sea right next to the dock, I am glad we are not out there bouncing around. Over the recent past, I had the chance to learn that the ocean and its weather can be romantic and inspiring, but also rough and uninviting.  

Within the last two weeks I had to ask myself the question of 'Why am I here' much too often. Having reached the end of the journey, I am glad it's over. It has been a 'hell of a trip' and I am glad I did it. But after three months on salt water, I feel that it's time to return back home!

This journey probably offered everything that could happen to a sailor while on the open ocean: Experiences that changed myself and that I will never forget.

Cruising Bahia CaliforniaTaking off from San Diego Marina
November 1998

The Chapters:
Cruising Bahia California ] Entering the Tropics ] Golf of Theuantepec ] Guatemala ] El Salvador ] Costa Rica ] Panama Canal I ] Panama Canal II ] A new Year, a new Ocean, a new Ship ] Cabo Gracias a Dios ] The Plane ] The Rescue ] Roatan ] The final Port ] Aftermath ]



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